I attended the Cuba Gravel Crisis in October of 2016. It was a great event in a great town, and the weather was warm enough for summer kit. The terrain and the roads were outstanding. I noticed at the start-line a large number of mountain bikes with large knobby tires and gravel bikes with 700x40 or larger tires.

Out on the road, the route was demanding and surface technically challenging. The gravel was recently graded and many areas had round river-bed material that doesn't pack well. The tires swim and float more than grip. It's doable, but advanced bike handling skills are an advantage along with bigger tires. The 700x40 I ran on the front was big enough for stability, but the 700x35 I had on the rear succumbed to pinch flatting at 60psi.

Unpacking in Cuba;

Out on the road, a rider can exceed 30 MPH while searching for a firm line.

The route had a few paved sections, but was 80% gravel

One of the most outstanding participants, a recent mother with her 8 [I][U]WEEK[/I][/B] old twins completed the route.

My grimy Pedal Force

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Definitely a great event.  Unfortunately, I ripped a sidewall around mile 43 of the 100 mile course and had to walk it out a while before being picked up.   Those roads were rough.  I'll be back next year!
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Good stuff. Thanks for sharing Barrettscv
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Great post.

See you there next year. [smile]
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Fun write up.  
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