I want to build a super light wheelset for gravel/fire road riding and bikepacking. Here are the specs that I want so far:
  • Rider weight: 140 lbs
  • Onyx Vesper hubs
  • 160mm disc brakes
  • 650bx47mm tires
I'm tempted to go with the Light bicycle carbon rims in 24h: https://www.lightbicycle.com/XC-650B...ompatible.html

I figure since I'm a lightweight rider I can get away with 24h with 650b and shorter spokes, but I'm not sure if this will be cutting it close with the stresses of disc brakes and bikepacking? I have never ridden carbon rims before, but I heard they can be extremely stiff, almost unforgiving. Is that likely to be an issue with 650b tires?

The other option I'm looking at are DT Swiss XR 361 28h rims. These are 70g/rim more, asymmetric, and aluminum. Does the asymmetric rim actually make a significant difference in the strength of the wheel? Will there be a large difference in the comfort and spoke tension between carbon and aluminum?
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Unless you're an elite gravel racer and every gram counts, you won't notice any weight difference or penalty by adding 4 spokes per wheel on such a light rim. But you will add a lot more reliability to your wheelset. Disc brakes put a lot of extra stress on the spokes, and then throw in some extra weight from bikepacks, and you could be popping spokes in a remote area instead of enjoying the ride.

I can feel the difference between an old set of 32 spoke wheels and 20/24 spoke aero road wheels on the pavement at speed, but I can't feel any performance difference between a set of 32 spoke vs 28 spoke wheels on gravel. The 32 spoke wheels stay true longer is all.
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unless you go with stronger spokes! Check out our 650 GX wheels.


24 spokes front and rear but the spokes are PBO fiber. 3 times the strength of steel. complete wheelset weighs 1410 grams. No rider weight limit. There is a good blog about bikepacking on the GX on our site right now. Let me know if you have more questions
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