Walt Brown
What's the general consensus of bikes from here? There's hardly anything reviewing them with more traditional brands, which makes me nervous However, they offer a Titanium cross bike with 105 and BB7 brakes for $1400.
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BD bikes are fine. The brands under the BD umbrella have lost the cachet of the original marques, but that being said, are good bang for the buck. The only problem I would have is warranty issues. If there is a warranty issue, dealing with an internet company might pose a headache or two. 
But the products are solid. I own a Motobecane Fantom CX Pro. I purchased it strictly for the groupset on it. I rode it for a bit, and it was fine if a bit heavy. The no name stem/bars/seatpost/saddle are ok and work like they're supposed to.

I'd say buy one, but use some of the money saved to get a good cockpit and set of tires
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I have purchased a number of bikes from Bikes Direct with no issues. As long as you know exactly what size you need, you can't beat the price. They even did a crash replacement on my titanium frame for $500, which was a lot cheaper than the $1800 ambulance ride!
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