Did your gravel bike get any presents this holiday season?

For Yule Otso Warakin got an Absolute Black 38t chainring (swapping out my Wolf Tooth 40), a Road Link, and one of the new 11-34 Ultegra cassettes.

These gifts are also for my gimpy leg.
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I got a Raleigh Roker Sport for Christmas. Took it for a spin today, -15 with windchill around -35, so made it a fairly short ride.
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Smale Rider
Red adonized bar end plugs, the free ones always fell out. Henty Enduro hydration pack.
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J. Peel
I bought myself a new bike! Not exactly for Christmas, more replacing a broken frame, but close enough to say it was my present. A couple of more red parts and I'll be done.
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I purchased a second wheelset. The plan is to have a faster wheel/tire combo for routes that lack loose gravel. This will complement my existing wheelset with larger knobby tires for loose gravel and longer hills.
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I am getting a Rival 22 rear der, front der, 50/34 chainring combo, and a Rival22 left shifter. My bike is going from 1x to 2x for better gearing in the mountains of Colorado.
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WTB Nano 40c TCS Skinwalls
Rogue Panda 'Oracle' downtube bag
Club Ride 'Phantom' shorts

Unlearn pavement.
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