Walt Brown
Does anyone have any experience w/ them? Looks like they're offering a 105 Cyclocross bike with 105 GS and disc brakes for $1,000.
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I bought a Nashbar carbon cx fork from them a year ago and have had zero issues with that, if that helps at all.
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See my other thread right below this. I say go for it. I have been buying from Nashbar since the early 80s, when I was racing as a junior. Back then, Nashbar was the life-saver as the proper bike shop was still a rare entity in the United States, much less one that did mail order. They are awesome. They have always backed up anything they have ever sold and their bikes, frames, etc...have had good reputations for as long as I can remember.

I suspect that their ability to sell their brand name bikes and frames at prices that make people suspicious has to do with the relationships they have built over the years. Nashbar has been around longer than all but the oldest of US brands (I am talking Schwinn and Huffy) and they seem to have a lot of respect and can likely harness that into some pretty stunning manufacturing deals on their frames, components, clothes and what not.

The only thing I have ever bought from them that sucked was a pair of shoes several years back.
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I've had the Nashbar steel cyclocross bike for about a year and have been using it as my gravel bike.  Easy to set up and the 105 is nice.  I took advantage of the 20% deal and got it for $650ish shipped.  Aside from a junky headset it has worked really well so far.  Over 1000 gravel miles on it and it is still mostly stock.
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