Benjamin Clement
Anyone got any recommendations on a race ready cross bike that I can use for my off road adventures. I'm currently on a bombtrack hook ext steel bike. But it ways more than the moon. 

I want something fast but thwt can take a 2.1 tyre, with the highest bb possible.

For reference I've owned ridley x nights, and focus mares in the past. 

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cross bilkes don't take 2.1" tires.  Maybe you want a gravel bike?

I can put a 2.1" 650b on the front of my cross bike, but not the rear.  

something like the Open UP might be what you are looking for.
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Not cross, but a 'beachracer' frame. 

e.g. The Koga Beachracer fits larger than a 29x2.1. (We're you wanting 650b instead?)

BBdrop is 60mm. Seat tube angle is fairly steep. Headtube angle only 70-71.5? though. 

I'm pretty sure I was reading about a frame recently which had a 50-55mm BBdrop but can't remember what model it was at the moment.

There's a small handful of beachracer brands in Europe. You could probably track them down online and look at their BBdrop/geo. 

Koga Japan does a 650b Beachracer frameset, which I've had my eye on for some time. Would make for a fun build. 61mm bbdrop;-
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What about the Hook Ext carbon? 

They're not necessarily race ready CX bikes, but check out this list, maybe you'll find something:

One thing i'd say is stay 650b unless you want deadly toe overlap. 



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Stooge Gravel Bastard - really.

Think they do a steel variant or similar but Andrew will make what you want usually - apart from fender mounts. He wont do fender mounts. Racks maybe but fenders noooooooooo.
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