What is the best rim for Specialized Renegade 1.8" 2Bliss tires?

I tried the previous/ original Stan's Arch wheel and it was an exercise in futility trying to stretch it onto the rim.

What is a good 32 hole fairly light, but strong disc rim. I assume that a 21mm or 23mm internal width is best for the 1.8" tire. I will be using this for a disc gravel/ CX build.

Also, should a look for a UST or TCS rim to work best with the Specialized 2Bliss bead to set up tubeless?


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Any idea how much rim tape is on your rim? The Specialized tires have a 'looser' bead than several other brands and shouldn't be giving you problems.

I suppose I would buy a bead jack, make some soapy water and work on tire mounting technique first. I didn't need levers for any of the Specialized tires I have used. I have used a pair of Specialized Cross tires and several mountain bike tires on the Arch, Crest and Flow rims.

A TCS rim will be slightly easier to mount those Specialized tires. That's a big investment when I think some basic tubeless technique/tricks will work.
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I've had good results running Renegade 1.8s with Velocity A23 rims, Stan's Iron Cross rims and Roval Control Carbon 29 rims. I'd save my $ and apply more elbow grease.
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Thanks, the Renegade 1.8, in my new favorite gravel tire, especially as a front.  I hope that Specialized brings that width back to the 2018 line-up.
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