A few months ago I read this article in Jan Heine's blog .
I was very impressed with the story and went ahead and ordered the saddle . I've now put on the requisite 1000 km break in miles. Here is my overall assessment:
- Looks and aesthetics are what you would expect from something this carefully crafted and manufactured. This saddle is just beautiful.
- Although some folks may find this saddle comfortable right out of the box, I didn't. I was surprised in fact, at how uncomfortable this saddle felt, despite having similar shape and dimensions as my beloved Selle Italia Flite.
- I contacted Compass customer support with my concerns. Theo, at Compass, was quick to get back to me with some suggestions. To wit, it takes about 1000 km of riding to break this saddle in. He also suggested slightly (about 1/8 turn on the saddle tension screw) loosening the saddle and also applying a coat of the Obernauf leather conditioner, which I also purchased from Compass, to hasten the break in process. Both suggestions were right on. I began to notice immediate improvement in saddle comfort with each ride. I now have over 1000km on the saddle and it is great. I re-tensioned the saddle and expect many more miles of saddle nirvana.
The bottom line is that I would recommend this saddle to anyone who wants a very comfortable and attractive saddle, and is willing to invest some time to properly break it in, and invest some time in taking care of it. There is also about a 6 oz. weight penalty compared to my Flite's. Berthoud also offers this saddle with Ti rails for a small weight savings. BTW all the parts of the saddle are replaceable. Should the time come either due to wear or accident, the saddle can be completely repaired and rebuilt.
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