Looking to get a frame bag, top tube bag and eventually seatpack for longer gravel rides on my 2020 Giant Revolt Advanced 2. Wondering if anyone has any of Axiom's Oceanweave series as they look and feel fantastic, they're sold at my LBS and are good on the environment (apparently) . If anyone has any feedback or pics that would be great.

If you have any other bags you would suggest please let me know as well. Right now just look for a frame and top tube bag.

Any pics or Giant Revolts with your bag set up would be appreciated as well!

Here is more info on the Oceanweave stuff if you aren't familiar with it: https://www.axiomgear.com/solutions/oceanweave/

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I looked at one in the store. It looked nice, but didn't have a lot of shape structure, so it might rub your leg. Shimano Pro Discovery, Topeak, Bontrager, Blackburn, and Apidura also make nice half/mini frame bags. Keep in mind that you'll want a side exit bottle cage (eg Elite Cannibal) for the front. Go 2.5L at the smallest.
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One thing I was looking at when searching for a top tube bag was the width. 5mm difference could mean leg rub or none, for you.
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