bike is all cleaned, Chained freshly waxed, newer set of tires and a new set of fenders (my sacrifice to the rain gods) 
Should be a fun day 

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Good luck Hopefully you have great weather. Curious as to the brand of fenders you have on there. If it's wet also curious if the front fender works without a mud flap at the bottom. Hope you give a ride report here along with some pics. Oh what food bag is that strapped to your handlebars? What do you store/stash in there?

If it was easy it wouldn't be a memory. You just hope you don't have all your memories in the same ride. been there dun that Zman
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Thanks Zman! As for the weather,I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. That is why I'm running fenders. These are the SKS  brand and i think they are the speedrocker...
The feed bag is from Rockgeist with the steem mount. I really like this bag a lot! Easy one handed open  and it doesn't rub my frame at all. That one will carry my food that is factory packed and it should still have room for  some of my home cooked/made.
The top tube bag is a Timbuktu brand which is zipper sealed. This one will hold my phone and external batteries chain tool tire plugs and id/stuff
I have a speedsleev seat bag , I also like this one a lot! Its nice and tight under the seat without straping to the seat post. It still has enough room for a spare tire, leavers,two Co2, extra chain link and a multi tool.
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I guess I took one for the team !the weather turned out as perfect as it could get and I really didn't needed  to buy fenders. However the front fenders is a two piece deal so I kept the rear portion on to keep from getting the chain and myself to dirty...that turned out to be a brilliant idea! 
By the numbers 
241.19 miles
7904 feet of elevation 
19:06:09 elapsed time 
15:55:47 moving time
7123 calories burned 
15.1 mph average speed
38 mph top speed
I would say it was 99.5% gravel!

One hell of a crazy good day 

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