I’m currently using Bontrager Crivitz (flatbar, 25deg sweep) bars.

Flatbar works best for the terrain I ride as there’s quite a bit of technical stuff I can’t manage with dropbars.

anyone else using Jones Bend bars on their gravel bikes?  Would like to get some opinions.

Oh, I’m thinking of changing bars to get more sweep, but I don’t think I want the full loop bar, as the front positions never worked for me when I tried the loop bars before.  Will just get Togs or something.

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I used loops on my fat bike for a long time but recently switched to Salsa 23 degree bars.  The Jones seemed like too much sweep and the Salsas seem like not quite enough.  Surly has a new 35 degree which I may try next.
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Thanks for that!

I also found an SQLab trekking bar that is 35 degrees. I think I may give that a shot.   Will check out the Surly bar also.

Yeps, I was a little weary about going from 25deg to 45 on the Jones as well. 

Thanks again!

edit:  I just checked out the Surly.  That is a long bar!
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Got the SQLab bar today.

I think these will work well.

The Crivitz bar I have on has ~20deg bend.  Used to be 25deg, but bar was cut.


UPDATE:  I did a 50 mile ride on them today (maybe 90% gravel).  The bars worked out really nice.  The bend helps a bit more with the strain in the wrists for sure.  Also, the bumps/harshness of ground, especially on hardpack, seems more muted than on my Crivitz bar.  Not sure its because of the sweep, or better quality aluminum used on these bars...either way....these are working our great.

I'm a little more upright, as the greater sweep brings me back further.  Not too bad, got used to it after 20 miles.

These are 35deg bars.  I couldn't imagine using the 45deg Jones bar now.  Anymore than 35deg, seems like it would be a cruiser-type feel already.

I may cut them a little bit later.  Overall, very, very happy with these bars!
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