Anything good or bad to say about it?
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I have used these for a couple of years now.  They are great, durable, and lightweight.  Work really well when my cleats get muddy.  The only downside is they do not have dual-sided entry, but thats what makes them so light.
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I am actually using them on my road bike so that I can use the same shoes for multiple bikes.  They are a very good pedal of excellent quality, and I have definitely been thinking about getting another pair for my "gravel" bike to replace a pair of Shimano XT pedals.  The only small thing to be aware of is that since they are single sided they are weighted like an SPD-SL pedal and the way you "catch" and enter the pedal is very similar to that, and a little less like regular double-sided mountain bike pedals.  I hope that is clear and not confusing.
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