I mostly use my fat bike in the winter for riding, with studded tires. Once in a while I ride trails, but mostly I just ride the same gravel roads I ride year round. I kind of hate a flat bar, even with bar ends, and have been contemplating something like the Jones bar or Moloko, or something like those made by another company. I'm not looking to hang lots of stuff off it or go bikepacking- I just want more hand positions, and ideally some more aero hand positions. Basically I'd like to put a drop bar on my fat bike, but I don't feel like shelling out for new shifters etc.

Any thoughts?
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Shaun McNally
I mainly ride trails with mine, but when i do go on gravel, I've thought about getting some clip on aero bars. I also noticed that when Lachlan Morton raced the Leadville he put bar ends in the middle of his flat bars for more aero hand positions.
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Dan Reese
I run Titec J bars, which are a Jones bar copy, on one of my gravel bikes.  I really like the number of hand positions plus the really upright climbing position it offers.  Mine are not very wide, so I'm not super fond of them in singletrack, but anywhere else, including pavement,  they're great.
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