Ive recently switched 3 bikes over to Berryman's Tire Seal R 6 months ago. Sealant works great, it was only 30 bucks for a gallon at TSC and when I unseated a tire last weekend, none of the fluid was dried up.

I have not had a puncture with it yet, so i do not know how it will handle that. It is thicker than latex based, but not as thick as Slime. It did not plug up my presta valves like the latex has in the past. My tires do not lose as much air over longer peroids between use. 

I have been using Stan's 5 years ago, switched to orange seal, then switched to "trucker co" (Ebay) brand and cant complain about their performance. I will complain about the price of the first two. The trucker co works well, dries up the quickest and created a latex bouncy ball inside my wheel over 6 months. Lets face it, latex based sealants dry up over time and are very over priced in my opinion. 

Anyway, If your looking for an alternative bulk fluid that is easily availble, give Berryman's Tire Seal'R a try. Id recommend it. 

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