Has anyone had any success with aerobars on your setup?  If so, what has worked good for you? Thanks
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Check out Bob's bike.


His teammate, Mat won the DK200 this year. I believe he also ran aerobars.
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I saw a lot of aero bars at the DAMn ride I was in last weekend.  There were even fat bikes with them, I just need to find a set that works well for me and my cluttered cockpit.
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I use profile design carbon stryke aerobars with two pads on the elbow cradle instead of one.

When first riding gravel other riders would growl at me for lining up with aero's.  Many would not ride with me out on the road.  Now more riders than not have aero's on their bike.
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I'm a diehard aerobar hater. Don't be such a roadie! [tongue]

Kidding aside, they're of limited use in all but buttery smooth roads. If things get rough and you need to do a lot of weight shifting and line choosing it's a lot harder when you're down on the bars. Personally I think I can make better time with bike handling than I can with full aero.
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A popular option for not taking up too much room on your handlebars, plus getting the aerobars into a much higher position is to use a Siren FredBar. The idea is this is only another hand position, and not necessarily for "aero". It is popular with the Tour Divide type bike. Bobby from Land Run runs it on his Cutthroat.

https://www.instagram.com/unlearnpavement/ - sorry I can't get a link to the exact post.


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I also use Profile Design carbon Stryker aerobars. The allow me to have a comfortable alternative hand position and reduce aerodynamic drag in headwinds. I won't use them while following others in a paceline, I keep my fingers near the brake levers. However, while away from the group or on the front, they improve performance and comfort.
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overshot wrote:
Has anyone had any success with aerobars on your setup?  If so, what has worked good for you? Thanks

Put some $50 Deda Zeros on my gravel setup at the beginning of the year. Short learning curve but then I really, really love them now.

I got them mainly in anticipation of long, lonely stretches into relentless Kansas headwinds. (I.e., the entire second half of the 2016 DK.) Any little bit helps.

But, they do give me about 1-1.5 mph "free" speed. It's also nice to have another option for positioning, and to take the pressure off my hands and wrists for a while.

I don't use them when I'm in a group, and I have to be alert to get off them in time if the road conditions get really rough, but it's surprising how long I can stay in them on most gravel roads.

Headwinds weren't a factor at DK this year but even so, for most of the second half I was by myself and I would guess that the aerobars saved me about 10-15 minutes.

Plus they give me a few more options for mounting accessories. What's fred is cool again in gravel!
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