For 2016 we're adding an event in the Panoche/Tumey Desert Hills and one outside of Foresthill which is over near Folsom. They are totally different as far as ecosystem and the type of riding so we're happy to add more variety. Photos soon.
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Any plans for any slightly shorter distance events?  I can appreciate the somewhat extreme nature of your current lineup, but I'm an old man for Pete's sake  [biggrin]
Something in the 40-60 mile range might be more attractive to those of us who are not quite up to the task (yet)
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Ha! I'm old AND fat! Keeping these at ~75 miles is the shorter route. In the past our Spring Classic and other mixed terrain rides were all 100-140 miles long. We thought we would cast a wider net my keeping them short at 75. I will investigate ~40-50 mile versions for you!
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hey guys, newb here on forum, in CA, and gravel. where do i get more info on these (more) 2 local events?
i ride out of Ventura, been here 3 years now, from South Africa. i'm on an ORANGE Black Mountain Cycles Road bike.
cheers for the cool forum, and info!

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The Lost & Found ride had a 60-mile option. Nicely run event in a great setting.
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