Schwalbe Big One 650B X 60, designed for Dutch beach racing. Measures 57mm on a 25mm rim, 59mm on a 28mm (both external). At 508/546g it is about the same weight as the WTB 47mm tire, and ~100g heavier than the Compass Switchback Hill 48 (standard casing).
Snakeskin sidewalls feel about twice as thick as the Compass. Tread area is more supple, though still stiffer than the Compass.
The tires barely fit my frame and fork. Rode them on my commute today and the weight (with tubes) and larger diameter is very noticeable, especially when changing direction. Takes much more effort to turn into a corner.
Only a little time on gravel/dirt. Nearly as smooth as fast as pavement. Would not be my first choice for mostly paved rides. I prefer the lively ride of 42s for that.
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I really want to try those.
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