Looking at purchasing a 2020 Salsa Cutthroat GRX 600 for an all around gravel grinder bike/bikepacking/gravel racing bike. I'm probably most interested in using it for bikepacking trips and bikepacking races while also using it for the occasional Gravel Race from 50-100 miles long. It may not be the ideal gravel racing bike, but I think it will be the best option for my bikepacking needs which I hopefully intend to use it for the most. Also want a fun bike just to tool around my area on gravel roads. Not really interested in using it for singletrack other than the odd connection or segment in a bikepacking or gravel race.

Anyway, looking at the GRX 600 as it fits my price range better, I don't want electric shifting and I want 2X up front (to hopefully make it a bit more versatile for gravel racing). I'd like to cut a couple pounds off the weight if possible. My focus would be on the wheelset. Is the stock WTB Speed Terra Hub with WTB ST i23 2.0 rims and Teravail Sparwood 700cx2.2 tire and Shimano HG700 cassette considered relatively heavy? I'd be interested in weight savings with the wheelset. Would carbon rims, new hub, lighter tires and possibly different cassette help me save some weight? I'd be interested in a new wheelset up to $1,000 potentially (lower price would be much better obviously!). Any suggestions out there for a lightweight wheelset? Any other good places to save weight on the GRX 600 build? Here's the link to that particular bike -

It'd be nice to have another wheelset anyway so I could swap the wheels out with narrower tires for the occasional gravel race. I can really only afford one bike in this price range, so looking for something with all day comfort for long bikepacking trips and races but that can go fast enough for some gravel racing. Anyone with experience gravel racing a Cutthroat? Would love to hear your opinions on the Cutthroat for some racing. Also, would be willing to entertain thoughts on other bikes that might fit my needs (all day bikepacking comfort along with gravel racing ability fitting tires up to 50mm). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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I had a 2017 Cutthroat Force 1 build.  My first upgrade was the wheelset.  I put on a set of Roval Control Carbon wheels.  It dropped over a pound of rotating weight and that was off of the higher end specced wheels.  Yes, you could save significant weight from the wheelset/tires alone.  I also ran another wheelset with 42mm gravel tires.


The Cutthroat is a sweet rig.  I used it mostly for gravel riding and occasional Bikepacking.  It’s fun on gravel, more comfortable and stable than a gravel racer, but a little slower.  If you’re out on the course to challenge yourself, the bike will suit you just fine.  If you’re aiming for a podium, it will hold you back.  If bikepacking is your primary goal then get the Cutthroat.  I really enjoyed my Cutthroat.  I only sold it to get a Moots Baxter (similar setup just Ti).

As far as carbon wheel suggestions, you might check out Roval, Reynolds (have 20% discounts frequently), and Mercury.
Good luck! 

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I own a 2020 Cutty. My thoughts to reduce weight include upgrading wheels, saddle and seatpost, cranks and drop ten pounds off my fat *ss. 😉. Love the Cutty handling and ride.



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Agree with your assessment, swapping out those components would make a tremendous difference and very quickly.  I have used my Cutthroat as others have mentioned, a lot of times early in the year or when my fitness is lacking (easier gearing).  Also, in Vermont they love their singletrack, so doing gravel rides there is nicer with the larger MTB tires.  In terms of a wheelset for $1000, I would check out the DT Swiss XR 1700, or maybe a Spinergy set if they do Boost spacing.
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