6BF9CF95-4A61-40BF-A5CE-1826C299B995.jpeg  2BD42255-7C57-432C-B8F1-A2ACF01DD1EE.jpeg  0081FB82-5CEC-422B-8CDF-704793F93E03.jpeg  CF70289A-4396-4B65-82F4-EFE53427EC01.png  09E4AFC3-625B-4C5B-ADFD-E00E21452F54.jpeg  Bought new for CX in September, didn’t get to use it as much as I was hoping. 58cm, GRX 1x drivetrain, hydro flat mount brakes, 160 rotors, Cannondale Hollowgram Si crankset (upgraded from the stock SI cranks). Excellent condition, no damage at all, never crashed, downtube has 3M tape for protection. $3150 new, will sell for 2100 plus shipping. The bike is stock except upgrades (not shown in photo) to C2 carbon post, C2 stem, and Hollowgram SI cranks. Pedals not included. Will ship by bikeflights.

Willing to sell without GRX components (shifters/brakes/rear der) for less. PM for details.
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