I know this topic has come up in the past, but looking for opinions on using the 2017 Ogre as a gravel grinder for a 130km event with gravel, paved, double and single track.  It has the Moloko bars which have a lot of hand positions, particularly out front which is somewhat aero.  Also a fitted bar bag to carry snacks etc.  I'm thinking of putting some Mavic Crossmax 29er wheels on and Compass Steilacoom tires to lighten it up, and remove the racks.  I'm only going to do 1-2 events per year so I don't want to invest in a new gravel bike.
Thoughts? Am I in for a world of hurt?  This would be my gravel event. 

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You will do fine with the Orge. I'm assuming you're doing them to have fun & finish. Just get the best wheelset you can afford, go with aluminum rims & quality hubs (example: Velocity Aileron rims, White Industries Hubs). I'd lace them up with 32 spoke min per wheel. Quality drivetrain, derailleur bits. The rest is not as critical in my opinion aside for tire width-tread..

My wife rides her Troll on many 50+
mile events..
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You'd be fine.  The Ogre's made for long rides, right?  I won my age group in my first gravel race while riding my Ogre.  Haven't done it since but at least it happened once.  They lighten up pretty quick. 

My notes: switch to 1x if it isn't already and get a lighter wheelset than those Crossmax's.  They're fine wheels but they might as wheel be made of iron.  Stan's Crest wheelsets are usually sub-1600 g and are durable as all get out.  If you look for take-offs or used sets, you can get nicer sets for about $300 in non-Boost spacing (I'm going off the cost of the Crossmax base wheelset).  I did a 200+ mile dirt tour on mine and didn't need to true them afterward.  The Velocity Blunt SS would be another great rim.  DT Swiss 350's are pretty much the standard entry-level: they're light, fairly quick to engage, and roll well. 

Regarding tires, you should lean into that wonderful 29er goodness!  Why run a 29er if you're going to take away its one advantage: massive tires?  Something 29x2.0-2.1" would give you plenty of rolling speed and comfort as long as you don't get a trail tire.  Go for stuff like the Specialized Renegade or the Maxxis Ikon or the Schwalbe ThunderBurt, or some big gravel tires like the Donnelly MSO 50mm.
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