Hi All,

I figured I would post specs and pics of the new gravel ride as there is not much info on these.

So far have i have done 2 rides one road one half road half gravel 2 hours out here in Denver. This is my first gravel bike so it have been interesting. I only do rode about 250-360km a week. First impressions are obviously heavier than my carbon BMC but the steel is very nice on the gravel and the really steep rocky stuff Does a good job of dappening. They say this will do up to a 42c and have asked them about 650b so we shall see. The 1x works perfect, I am actually surprised as I rode red back on a team bike and it was not good. I'm  running a 40x42 but the bike came with a 40x32 so I still need to get a longer chain as I can only get into the 36..The brakes are OK I have never ridden disc so I have no reference. Overall all for the price this bike is solid with pretty good specs, I shopped around for a while and we shall see going forward how it holds up. This is the Medium even those the shop told me they had a small. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer any.
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If you haven't done so, find the "bed in" instructions for your brakes and follow them; this will help improve stopping power. 
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Yeah when I got my disk brake bike, I first thought...   meh..
Now I think - Whoa!!!
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