I thought this might be the best place to post this thread. In case I haven't said it which I probably haven't my new cycling goal is to ride in as many states that have gravel races but they have to be at least 50 miles long.

I have ridden in Kansas, PA, Florida and North Carolina. I have New York/Ohio/West Virginia in the waiting.

Now on to my question. The 2 MN rides I am looking at are the Woodtick 100 Sept. 15th and the Heck of the North Sept. 29th. I wasn't able to find any ride reports on the Woodtick but did find a ride report on the Heck of the North. Sounds like lots of mud and puddles at last years ride or the year before with quite a few equipment failures which I am not sure I am up to yet for my new Roker. Some other considerations would be an Southwest airport close to the ride. I posted here hoping somebody has ridden both rides or could give me some feedback on either ride.

If it was easy it wouldn't be a memory. You just hope you don't have all your memories in the same ride. been there dun that Zman
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The heck of the North is a fun ride but do not expect it to be like any other gravel ride. You are riding on gravel roads but think of them as just the interlude to the crazy stuff. You will end up riding through marsh and other terrain which is snowmobile trail in the winter but just tree free off road the other seasons. Be prepared to fall off your bike, get really dirty, and have fun doing it. 

Southwest does fly into the airport in Minneapolis and St. Paul but it is still a three hour drive or so up to where the race is held. There are regular shuttles up to Duluth which will get you and your bike closer but not as far as the race start. 
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If you want a good fun Minnesota ride, try the Filthy Fifty.
Or the Hero Gravel Classic:
Though it might be too late to get into that one.
Neither of which answers your question. But you might want to consider them.

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Shaun McNally
Right in your timeframe is the Hundirt 100 mile and 50 mile on Sept. 22 in Alexandria, MN.
Just 2.5 hours from the metro on I94.
Just google big ole bike club in Alexandria, mn and there is a Hundirt tab right on the top.
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