Stumbled across the forum and spent the last hour reading all the interesting conversations. 

I'm in the middle of collecting parts together for a All City Macho Man which I'm building up. I'm new to doing this type of thing and it's my first custom build. I'm thinking of going 1x10 but worried about how it will feel on some of the sharper climbs so bought a Wold Tooth Wolf Tooth 42T GC Cog. I ride at around 30kph at a cadence of 90 on the the flat as a rough estimate. I was thinking I could swap the 42t chainring for something smaller as well. 

I'm planning on building it up with the following parts and was looking for any feedback on compatibility or just plain bad planning. As I said, it's the first time I'm build up a bike from scratch so advice is greatly welcome. Some of the parts I already have. 

This is the frame:

Wheelset: 700c h plus son rims with Hope Pro 3 hubs, which limits me a 10 speed cassette 

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:SRAM Rival 1 Crankset 42T X-Sync, SRAM GPX BB

Drivetrain: SRAM PG1070 10 Speed Cassette 11-36, Wolf Tooth 42T GC Cog for SRAM

Derailleurs: SRAM GX Type 2.1 10 Speed Rear Mech medium cage

Shifters: SRAM Rival 10 Speed Gear Shift Lever 10 Speed, SRAM Rival 1 Brake Lever (Left)

Calipers: Paul Minimotos

Headset: Chris King 1 1-8 NoThreadset 

Handelbars: Salsa Cowchipper

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If your "sharper climbs" are up to say 10 degrees, then that 42t ring might be too large, with that cassette.
In those instances I'd say a 40t would be best.

For example, I have a similar 10 speed setup, but with a 38t Wolftooth ring up front. 
The combo of 36x38 will get me up a 12/13 degree long hill, but the legs are still pushing it fairly hard.

Thankfully there's only one of those climbs in my riding area.

Not sure how the GX 2.1 sizes against the old X9/X0, but the 11-36 can be run with a short cage, and 1x.

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It really depends what type of terrain you will ride. I rode my last commuter/allroad  bike with a 38T Wolftooth and old 1x9 Lx rear derailleur (11-32 cassette)for 3 to 4 years. I was missing some top end from time to time but was mostly ok since I ride alone. For climbing, It was not a problem but hills around here are steep but relatively short (like 7-8% over .45km to 1km). So I can climb in the red a bit then catch my breath on the flat. But I'm 200lbs and not in my greatest shape due to some injuries and laziness! But for more steady- steeper climbs, having a ratio closer to 1:1 is ideal. Lower than 1.0 ratio is more mtb territory imo but it's really down to your riding and general cycling shape/style.

I really like 1x even for road  but my new bike is 2x...
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Shimano makes an 11-34 and 11-40 11sp cassette that work on 10sp hubs. You’re not limited to 10sp
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