For sure it sounds very interesting when visiting far corners of Myanmar where the Ethnic minority tribes are living altogether in a very small hamlets. No matter what time of the year you are planning a trip to Myanmar the most important factor is to see what you like and what prefer to visit.

A Tribal Woman in Hsipaw, Myanmar


Kayah Women From Hill Tribes Of Myanmar

Pan Pet: Traditional Padaung (Karen) Woman From Myanmar


Old Woman With Facial Tattoos In Chin Villages, Mrauk U Region


Long-Necked Karens Dressed In Traditional Outfits


Daai Chin Women – Another Tribes Minorities In Burma


Local Villager In Shan State, Myanmar


Padaung Woman With Child Doing Handicraft


Local Tribal Woman In Mindat, Chin State


Children In Traditional Headdress In The Hill Tribes Of Myanmar



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